Neste's traceability dashboard

Sustainability is part of everything we do.
 Neste's Traceability Dashboard provides detailed information on key aspects of our palm oil and palm fatty acid distillate (PFAD) supply chains. All the palm oil we have used has been fully traceable to the plantation level since 2007, and 100% certified since 2013. PFAD is a residue that represents a very small proportion of a refineries overall production volume. This results in a PFAD supply chain that is both extensive and complex. We are now committed to becoming the first in the world to reach full traceability all the way to the plantation level with our PFAD supply chain. We do not own any oil palm plantations, nor operate any palm oil refineries. Instead, we source from carefully selected, responsible producers in Malaysia and Indonesia that are committed to certification and principles of sustainability.

In addition to CPO and PFAD, we use more than 10 different renewable raw materials to produce our renewable products. An extensive raw material base provides flexibility, as it allows us to respond to the needs of different markets and customers. In recent years, we have focused on increasing the use of waste and residues as raw material. They account for nearly 80% of our renewable raw material usage.To learn more about our sustainability efforts click here.