Neste's palm oil dashboard

Neste's Palm Oil Dashboard provides detailed information on key aspects of our palm oil supply chain. All palm oil we have used has been fully traceable to the plantation level since 2007, and 100% certified since 2013. We do not own any oil palm plantations, nor operate any palm oil refineries. Instead, we source palm oil from carefully selected, responsible producers in Malaysia and Indonesia that are committed to certification and principles of sustainability. Sustainability is part of everything we do, click here to learn more.
Supply chain snapshot
palm oil suppliers
# of palm oil suppliers 7
# of palm oil mills 55
# of plantations 143
# of smallholders 35,984
% of suppliers committed to no-deforestation 100
100% certified & fully traceable since 2013
36% palm oil from methane capture/reduction sources
palm oil supply
Use of certified palm oil 100%
Palm oil traceable to source 100%
2017 palm oil volume (kt) 663
Palm oil % of total feedstock 24%
% palm oil from methane capture mills 36%
Supply chain map
Neste sources palm oil from 55 supplier mills. The vast majority of these mills are located in Indonesia (50); five are located in Malaysia. The mills displayed in this map were suppliers during part or all of 2017.
show mill list
Aek Nabara
Buatan I
Buatan II
Bungo Tebo
Gunung Melayu I
Gunung Melayu II
Muara Bulian
Negeri Lama I
Negeri Lama II
Taman Raja
Tanjung Pauh
Tanjung Selamat
Teluk Panjie
Tungkal Ulu
Ukui I
Ukui II
Arindo Trisejahtera
Meridan Sejatisurya
Panca Surya Agrindo
Perdana Intisawit Perkasa
Subur Arum Makmur
Surya Intisari Raya
Batu Ampar
Naga Sakti
Rama Rama
Sam Sam
Sungai Kupang
Sungai Rungau
Tanah Laut
Bumi Permai
Nilo 1
Nilo 2
Steelindo Wahana Perkasa
Tapung Kanan
Batang Kulim
Maju Aneka Sawit
Sukajadi Sawit Mekar 1
Sukajadi Sawit Mekar 2
Mill 2
show estate list
(Aek Nabara) - Aek Nabara
(Buatan I/II ) - Buatan
(Buatan I ) - Bhakti Mandiri Co/op
(Buatan I ) - Jaya Makmur Co/op
(Buatan I ) - Sumber Rejeki Co/op
(Buatan I ) - Sejahtera Co/op
(Buatan II) - KUD Buatan Jaya
(Buatan II) - KUD Mitra Usaha
(Buatan II) - KUD Makarti Jaya
(Buatan II) - KUD Bina Mulia
(Buatan II) - KUD Delima Sakti
(Buatan II) - KUD Mulus Rhayu
(Buatan II) - KUD Bhirawa Bhakti
(Buatan II) - KUD Tani Rukun
(Buatan II) - KUD Kebun Sawit Harapan
(Bungo Tebo) - Bungo Tebo
(Bungo Tebo) - Bungo Tebo Plasma
(Gunung Melayu I) - Pulau Maria
(Gunung Melayu II) - Batu Anam
(Gunung Melayu II) - Sentral
(Gunung Melayu II) - Aek Tarum
(Muara Bulian) - Muara Bulian
(Muara Bulian) - KUD Barokah
(Muara Bulian) - KUD Subur Makmur
(Muara Bulian) - KUD Budi Sari
(Muara Bulian) - KUD Makmur Rejeki
(Muara Bulian) - KUD Karya Lestari
(Muara Bulian) - KUD Tuah Sakato
(Negeri Lama I/II) - Negeri Lama Selatan
(Negeri Lama I/II) - Negeri Lama Central
(Negeri Lama I/II) - Negeri Lama Utara
(Negeri Lama I/II) - Aek Kuo
(Peranap) - Peranap
(Peranap) - Peranap Plasma
(Segati) - Segati
(Segati) - Penarikan
(Segati) - Penarikan (KKPA)
(Segati) - Gondai
(Taman Raja) - Taman Raja
(Taman Raja) - Badang
(Tanjung Pauh) - Gunung Sahilan Co-Op
(Tanjung Selamat) - Tanjung Selamat
(Tanjung Selamat) - Kebun Pangkatan
(Teluk Panjie) - Teluk Panjie
(Topaz) - Topaz
(Tungkal Ulu) - Tungkal Ulu
(Tungkal Ulu) - Tungkal Ulu Smallholders Estate
(Ukui I) - Ukui
(Ukui I) - KUD Sumber Makmur
(Ukui I) - KUD Bina Usaha Baru
(Ukui I) - KUD Bakti
(Ukui I) - KUD Karya Bersama
(Ukui I) - KUD Sawit Subur
(Ukui I) - KUD Bina Sejahtera
(Ukui I) - KUD Sumber Bhagia
(Ukui I) - KUD Bukit Potalo
(Ukui I) - KUD Usaha Baru
(Ukui II) - Soga
(Ukui II) - KUD Tani Subur
(Ukui II) - KUD Karya Tani
(Ukui II) - KUD Mekar Abadi
(Ukui II) - KUD Trani Maju
(Ukui II) - KUD Tani Bahagia
(Ukui II) - KUD Usaha Tani
(Arindo Trisejahtera) - Arindo Trisejahtera-1
(Meridan Sejatisurya) - Meridan Sejatisurja
(Panca Surya Agrindo) - Panca Surya Agrindo
(Perdana Intisawit Perkasa) - Perdana Intisawit Perkasa
(Subur Arum Makmur) - Subur Arum Makmur
(Surya Intisari Raya) - Surya Intisari Raya
(Batu Ampar) - Batu Ampar
(Batu Ampar) - Batu Mulia
(Batu Ampar/Sungai Kupang) - Sungai Panci
(Hanau) - Hanau
(Hanau) - Tasik Mas
(Hanau) - Tanjung Paring
(Hanau) - Langadang
(Kijang) - Kijang
(Kijang) - Kijang Kencana Plasma
(Libo) - Libo
(Libo) - Nenggala
(Libo) - Sungai Rokan
(Libo) - Sungai Tapung Plasma
(Libo / Naga Sakti) - Rama Bakti
(Naga Sakti) - Naga Mas
(Naga Sakti) - Naga Sakti
(Perdana) - Perdana
(Perdana) - Semandau
(Perdana) - Muara Dua
(Perdana) - Leggana
(Rama Rama) - Rama Rama
(Rama Rama) - Amarta Jaya Plasma
(Sam Sam ) - Sam Sam
(Sam Sam ) - Kandista Sari
(Sam Sam ) - Palapa
(Sam Sam ) - Ujung Tanjung
(Semilar) - Semilar
(Semilar) - Sei Rindu
(Semilar) - Mandang
(Semilar) - Puri
(Sungai Kupang) - Sungai Kupang
(Sungai Rungau) - Sungai Runggau
(Sungai Rungau) - Sungai Seruyan
(Sungai Rungau) - Terawan
(Sungai Rungau) - Tangar
(Sungai Rungau) - Bukit Tiga
(Tanah Laut) - Tanah Laut
(Tanah Laut) - Kintapura
(Bumi Permai) - Beringin Jaya
(Bumi Permai) - Kahoi
(Bumi Permai) - Lembuswana
(Bumi Permai) - Bumi Permai
(Bumi Permai) - Prima
(Bumi Permai) - Rahayu
(Bumi Permai) - Mahakam
(Jorong) - Kebun Barat
(Jorong) - Kebun Tengah
(Penajam) - Penajam
(Satui) - Timur Estate
(Satui) - Satui
(Mandau) - Mandau 1
(Mandau) - Mandau 2
(Mandau) - Mandau 3
(Mandau) - Mandau 4
(Mandau) - Mandau 5
(Mandau) - Mandau 6
(Nilo 1) - Nilo Barat 1
(Nilo 1) - Nilo Barat 2
(Nilo 2) - Nilo Timur 1
(Nilo 2) - Nilo Timur 2
(Steelindo Wahana Perkasa) - Air Karang
(Steelindo Wahana Perkasa) - Air Putih
(Steelindo Wahana Perkasa) - Air Raya
(Steelindo Wahana Perkasa) - Bentaian
(Steelindo Wahana Perkasa) - Gunung Nayo
(Steelindo Wahana Perkasa) - Gunung Seru
(Steelindo Wahana Perkasa) - Limau Manis
(Steelindo Wahana Perkasa) - Mempaya
(Steelindo Wahana Perkasa) - Buding
(Steelindo Wahana Perkasa) - Cendil
(Steelindo Wahana Perkasa) - Air Seruk
(Steelindo Wahana Perkasa) - Kacang Butor
(Steelindo Wahana Perkasa) - Air Selumar
(Tapung kanan) - Tapung Kanan 1
(Tapung kanan) - Tapung Kanan 2
(Tapung kanan) - Tapung Kanan 3
(Batang Kulim) - Estate I
(Batang Kulim) - Estate II
(Batang Kulim) - Estate VI
(Batang Kulim) - KKPA Merbau Sakti
(Maju Aneka Sawit) - Tanah Mas
(Maju Aneka Sawit) -Alam Sahara
(Maju Aneka Sawit) - Kas Desa Tanah Putih
(Maju Aneka Sawit) - Kas Desa Penyang
(Maju Aneka Sawit) - Sari Mas 2
(Sukajadi Sawit Mekar 1) - Sebabi
(Sukajadi Sawit Mekar 1) - Seranau
(Sukajadi Sawit Mekar 2) - Bukit Linang
(Sukajadi Sawit Mekar 2) - Bukit Limas
(Lungmanis) - Lungmanis
(Lungmanis) - Bukit Tabin
(Lungmanis) - Tungku
(Pinang) - Pinang
(Pinang) - Sigalong
(Pinang) - Pangeran
(Rimmer) - Rimmer
(Rimmer) - Sungai Silabukan
(Mill 2) - Pang Burong
(Mill 2) - Tundong
(Mill 2) - Sri Kunak
(Mill 2) - Ringlet
(Mill 2) - Jatika
(Sapi) - Sapi 1 & 2
(Sapi) - Kiabau
(Sapi) - Terusan 1
(Sapi) - Terusan 2
Our oil is 100% certified and traceable to known source
All crude palm oil used by Neste has been fully traceable all the way to the plantation level since 2007, and 100% certified since 2013. We procure crude palm oil only from carefully selected suppliers and from known and documented sources. We know the exact location and land use history of every oil palm plantation supplying us. Therefore, we know that the plantations supplying us have not expanded into prohibited areas and do not have any intention to do so.
55 supplier mills
36% from methane capture/reduction sources
663,000 tons palm oil
100% certified - 55% by mass balance
Our cooperation with smallholders aims at developing their sustainability awareness and expertise. Adoption of sustainable practices enables smallholders to get certified, which Neste requires from all its palm oil suppliers. By sourcing raw material from the certified smallholders, Neste provides them a financial incentive to remain committed to sustainable practices and continuous improvement. Neste's cooperation with smallholders is one of many ways in which we combat deforestation risk. In 2017, our supply chain included nearly 36,000 Indonesian palm oil smallholders organized into cooperatives. Learn more about our approach to sustainably produced palm oil here.
Human and labor rights
Developing Neste’s human rights approach has been one of the key development areas of our sustainability in recent years. Through our strengthened approach to human rights, we aim at making a positive impact on how people are treated and their rights respected in all value chains linked to us. In 2017, we continued building a solid framework for full-scale implementation of our human rights approach. Simultaneously, we continued implementing our key human rights activities according to a program which we first introduced in 2016. We have paid particular attention to human and labor rights rights in our palm oil supply chain. Our efforts are gradually making a transformative impact in the industry.
According to our purpose and vision, we aim at leaving a healthier planet for our children by creating responsible choices every day. We help our customers reduce climate emissions by developing cleaner solutions for transportation, aviation, and marine uses, as well as renewable solutions for the chemical and plastics industries. In 2017, our renewable fuels helped reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) by 8.3 million tons. Neste MY Renewable Diesel has enabled our customers to reduce GHG emissions by more than 33 million tons during the past 10 years.

In recent years, we have explored means to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions related to the palm oil production process. In 2017, we completed a project which proved that introducing a belt filter press to the wastewater treatment at palm oil mills helped reduce the mill’s greenhouse gas emissions by 50% compared to emissions from the mill's conventional open pond method. The project was conducted in collaboration with a palm oil company KLK, a Dutch sustainable trade organization IDH, and International Sustainability and Carbon Certification certification system (ISCC).
Sustainability reporting
Our Sustainability Report summarizes our performance in various areas of sustainability to ensure continuous development. As a recognition of our commitment to sustainability, Neste has been:
  • included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices for the 11th consecutive year;
  • listed among the leading performers on the CDP Climate, Water, and Forests lists; and
  • ranked the 2nd most sustainable company in the world on the Global 100 list in January 2018.
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